Sep 4, 2009

Yahoo to Give Competition to Twitter
Yahoo! announced Meme microblogging service.Similar to few microblogging services like Tumblr, Twitter etc, Once the account is created after receiving invitation, users get a blank blog for micro-sharing text, images, music, videos or to put all these things.
Meme's setting panel has minimal options like Meme title, 100 character Description, avatar/photo and notifications. Along with that, Meme also offers page layout customization with Themes. On the Meme page, users can post text, photos, videos and all together for sharing with other users. Just like Twitter and Tumblr users do, Meme users can search for other users using the Find option on the top of the page and Follow them to receive their Meme updates.

Meme users can have threaded conversations in the Comment option under every meme post. Also, users can repost the Memes of other users just like Tumblr offers Reblog . At this stage, the Meme service looks very basic and lacks bunch of other features that other competing services into micro-sharing offer. Just like Twitter Trends, Meme has a Popular option that shows Memes posted by users recently.


The sad thing is Meme is currently in an invite-only mode. so you should get invite from somebody to use this service. Let us hope after some time it is open to normal registration!

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