Sep 2, 2009

Wibiya-A web-based toolbar
While visiting my blog you can see a toolbar at the bottom of the site which has some cool navigation and other useful menus!
In this post i'm going to tell you more about this toolbar.
Wibiya is a web-based toolbar that enables us to integrate different Widgets, Fun Gadgets and online Games within our site which provide the visitors a better experience while browsing at our site.
some of the cool features available in this toolbar are

  • Facebook fan page for the site
  • Facebook community of the site
  • Twitter updates of the site
  • Any Notifications that you want to dispaly
  • Recent posts navigator
  • The site search and web search
  • Language translator
  • RSS and Social bookmarks
  • Online Games
It certainly helps the visitors who visits your blog because they can navigate, subscribe to rss , can search your site quickly! It is All in one toolbar so need of seperate widgets for each purpose in the blog!
It is surely worth having in your blog. Go to create,customize and get your toolbar.

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