Jun 28, 2009

Wings of Fire: An Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam

The Quote i liked in the book- "a large number of scientists and engineers leave this country at their first opportunity to earn more money
abroad. It is true that they definitely get greater monetary benifits but could anything compensate for the love and respect from one's own countrymen?"

If you are an Indian, read and own this book with pride..If You are a non Indian, read it..You will not Regret

Download here

Copy your files faster!

TeraCopy is a compact program designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed, providing the user a lot of features:

  • Copy files faster. TeraCopy uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times. Asynchronous copy speeds up file transfer between two physical hard drives.
  • Pause and resume file transfers. Pause copy process at any time to free up system resources and continue with a single click.
  • Error recovery. In case of copy error, TeraCopy will try several times and in the worse case just skips the file, not terminating the entire transfer.
  • Interactive file list. TeraCopy shows failed file transfers and lets you fix the problem and recopy only problem files.
  • Shell integration. TeraCopy can completely replace Explorer copy and move functions, allowing you work with files as usual.
Download here

Jun 25, 2009

How to prolong your laptop battery

Battery is one of the most crucial part in a laptop. A laptop really depends on the battery ability to operate it. Are you still not satisfied with your battery usage hours? Besides its own capacity limitation, it also could be affected due to some common mistakes often not realized by the users themselves. Here I list some tips which can be used to prolong your battery usage hours:

1. Lower contrast and brightness

- Though LCD is a power-efficient device, but set too high on contrast and brightness can drastically shorten the usage hours.

2. Close programs that run in the background
- iTunes, Desktop Search, etc. All these add to the CPU load and cut down battery life. Close everything that isn’t crucial when you’re on battery.

3. Run off a hard drive rather than CD/DVD
- Do you know that CD/DVD drive actually consume more power than a hard drive? They spin, take power, even when they are not actively being used.

4. Exercise the Battery
- Do not leave a charged battery dormant for long periods of time. Once charged, you should use the battery at least once every two to three weeks. Also, do not let a Li-On battery completely discharge.

5. Keep operating temperature down
- Your laptop operates more efficiently when it’s cooler. Clean out your air vents with a cloth or keyboard cleaner.

6. Set up and optimize your power options
- Go to ‘Power Options’ in your windows control panel and set it up so that power usage is optimized (Select the ‘max battery’ for maximum effect).

7. Don’t multitask
- Do one thing at a time when you’re on battery. Rather than working on a spreadsheet, letting your email client run in the background and listening to your latest set of MP3’s, set your mind to one thing only. If you don’t you’ll only drain out your batteries before anything gets completed!

Jun 24, 2009

Speed Up Firefox!

To get started, open your Firefox web browser. In the address/location bar type about:config and then press Enter key.

Open Firefox Web Browser

Turn your Photos into Movies, Collages & Slideshows with Picasa 3


Picasa 3
is the rich photo management software from Google.Picasa photo viewer is a fast, lightweight app for viewing images on your desktop or through Windows Explorer.A quick double-click on any photo will give you a full-screen view and few options at your fingertips: you can add stars, zoom in and out with your mouse scroll wheel, rotate, or open photo in Picasa 3 for further edits. By any means this feature works much better than standard Windows Picture and Fax viewer.

Test your Internet Connection Speed with SpeedTest!

Speedtest is a broadband speed analysis tool that allows anyone to test their Internet connection. Ookla provides this service for free to anyone curious about the performance of their connection to and from hundreds of locations around the world. Whether you test just for fun or you really need to certify and validate the true speed of your Internet connectivity, is the place to be.This service calculate the speed of your broadband connection by measuring the time it takes to download a fixed amount of data.

Jun 23, 2009

How to Convert Microsoft Office 2007 to Full Version

This requires that Microsoft Office 2007 has been installed without the product key in the first place.Once Microsoft Office 2007 has been installed with no product key, proceed as follows:

Windows Vista & XP Run Commands

here are the codes


Windows Vista run commands:
* Color Management — colorcpl
* Computer Management Launcher — CompMgmtLauncher

Make Your Windows Run Faster!

Limit The Programs that Run on Startup
Even if you only have a few program windows open, you may have dozens of programs running in the background. Most commonly, this occurs when you have programs that are set to run on startup. In some cases, such as anti-virus scanners this can be useful, while in other cases, such as photo editing tools, it’s unnecessary.
Increase Your Computer’s RAM
Adding more physical memory to your PC will help speed up startup and run-times, while limiting the potential complications that arise when running complex programs. When your system runs out of physical RAM capacity, it reverts to virtual RAM from your hard disk which is much slower and more cumbersome. Today, additional RAM is quite affordable and can make a world of difference in your OS speed.

Free Airtel GPRS !

1. You need your handset to be activated with Airtel Live, most of the Airtel SIM are preactivated with Live Settings if not contact the Customer Care for the settings.
2. Download UCWeb.
3. Install it in your phone. Use it with your default “AIRTEL LIVE” settings.
4. Try Browsing any site
5. Check your Balance, If you not get charged then this tricks works.
(its working for me)

Emergency Recharge For Your Airtel prepaid Card

Just Send a message to Airtel as typing LOAN and send it to 121. Now Airtel will recharge you with Rs. 10 to make your Emergency calls. When you recharge your phone again Airtel will deduct Rs 11 from you ( Rs. 1 for Service Charge ).

update(5-9-09): unfortunately airtel has withdrawn this service.

Centre issues do's and don'ts first time for mobile users

The telecom department of the central government has issued directions regarding the do's and don'ts of mobile phone services for the users, and hasve also asked telecom service providers to create more awareness about the cell phone etiquettes.

The notice dispatched by the government to the services providers, calls for creating more awareness to users, like not having loud ringtones, not talking loudly about personal affairs in front of others and not taking pictures of people in public places.

Jun 16, 2009

How to Prevent Flash Drive from Worm-Virus Infection

One type of annoying viruses that often attacks PC comes from worm variant. Worm usually spreads though removable devices (flash drives, portable HD, CD/DVD etc). It infects your PC once you double click or open those infected devices. To avoid this worm infection, you need to disable autorun feature which is set-on by default.
One of the effective ways to protect your PC from autorun worms is by installing Autorun Protector. In addition, this software also comes with additional features like custom protected autorun.inf file, analysing/removing of autorun.inf & resolving drive opening issue.

Autorun Protector is two way protection standalone software that prevents your PC from infecting with autorun worms and also protecting your removable device from being infected from other sources. Hence, it decreases the spread of the worms.

Wolfram Alpha v Google: Which is better?

Wolfram Alpha is designed to answer complex search queries by returning a single result. Unlike Google, which searches the entire web for the keywords contained within a search query and then returns thousands of relevant web pages, Wolfram Alpha aims to understand the question and return the correct answer by mining its vast database of information and statistics.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, Wolfram Alpha excels when it is presented with queries pertaining to specific statistics, equations or quantifiable mathematic data. The response from web users has been mixed, with some praising Wolfram Alpha for its powerful search capabilities, and others left disappointed by the answers it has returned.

Bing search makes porn easy to filter out

Microsoft says it has adjusted its freshly-launched Bing search engine to make it easier to filter out porn.
Adults-only images and video will be served from a separate domain,, so that content can easily be barred from Bing search results, according to Bing general manager Mike Nichols.
"This is invisible to the end customer, but allows for filtering of that content by domain which makes it much easier for customers at all levels to block this content," Nichols said in a message atop an official Bing website.

Norton Online Backup on HP Desktops, Notebooks

Symantec has announced an agreement to distribute Norton Online Backup on HP consumer desktop and notebook PCs worldwide. Under this 30-day trial offer, Norton Online Backup will come preinstalled, and will provide 5GB of online storage.

As per the company, Norton Online Backup, available in 21 languages, helps ensure that users' most valuable files and digital assets are always kept safe and easily accessible by storing them in the cloud. Uploaded files can be accessed anytime, anywhere through a simple website, and backups can be seamlessly controlled for up to five PCs through the same central account.

Jun 14, 2009

Mobile Browsers

i've mentioned some of the most popular and widely used java platform mobile browsers. You can use it in your cellphone for better web experience

1. Opera Mini-

Download here

You might be receiving SMS codes like AX-Airtel wondering what’s it?

Recently,SMSs from Banks, Service Providers, Companies have started prefixing something like PX, AX, …etc. What’s all this!!??

According to new TRAI regulation, bulk SMS providers have to restrict the "Sender ID" to 8 characters. Other three characters should be used to specify who is the service provider & where it’s originated from. Say for example: MYTODAY sends an SMS to you using bulk SMS provider located at KARNATAKA which uses Airtel. You will receive it as AX-MYTODAY. First character specifies which service provider the message is being originated & the second character specifies from which location it’s originated. Here is the table which has details of these SMS codes:

Speed up your Internet speed by 20%

Microsoft reserves 20% of your available bandwidth for their own purposes like Windows Updates and interrogating your PC etc

You can get it back:

Click Start then Run and type "gpedit.msc" without quotes.This opens the group policy editor. Then go to:
Local Computer Policy
then Computer Configuration
then Administrative Templates then Network then QOS Packet Scheduler and then to Limit Reservable Bandwidth.

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