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About Author:
I'm Skanda Bhat, 21 years old, an Electronics and Communication Engineering Graduate, got placed in a top IT company, extremely fond of technology! Here is my blogger profile

About This Blog:

I started this blog in 2009, basically to use my online time productively,and to share whatever I know about technology and whatever things I come across! I haven't reserved specific time to publish posts on this blog. So blog may not be updated regularly like in case of pro-blogs! Since I'm a professional, it is my priority! But I want to develop All 'U' Want blog into a very informative and useful blog for you all!
(You might wonder why the Blog name and URL or its address are different! There is no specific reason for it.)

What it contains?
  • Mainly the blog contains useful softwares & their promos, FREE giveaway of softwares and reviews.
  • Tricks 'n' tips related to cellphones, computers, internet and technology.
  • As this blog grows I will try to broaden the scope of this blog!
Services we offer:
  • Software Promotions and Giveaways
  • Paid Reviews
  • Advertisement
  • Store to sell your products

If there is any queries regarding this blog, please contact me! Thanks for visiting!Bookmark & Keep Following this Blog!

  • We do not take any responsibility for any event that may occur by the use of this blog and its contents.  
  • This blog doesn't endorse warez and we do not list any pirated softwares. If you find any illegal / offensive / copyright violation stuffs in this blog do report me. I'll rectify it as soon as possible!

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