Jun 23, 2009

Make Your Windows Run Faster!

Limit The Programs that Run on Startup
Even if you only have a few program windows open, you may have dozens of programs running in the background. Most commonly, this occurs when you have programs that are set to run on startup. In some cases, such as anti-virus scanners this can be useful, while in other cases, such as photo editing tools, it’s unnecessary.
Increase Your Computer’s RAM
Adding more physical memory to your PC will help speed up startup and run-times, while limiting the potential complications that arise when running complex programs. When your system runs out of physical RAM capacity, it reverts to virtual RAM from your hard disk which is much slower and more cumbersome. Today, additional RAM is quite affordable and can make a world of difference in your OS speed.
There is a easy way for VISTA users, you can use your USB drive as RAM. To do this goto computer> just Right click on ur USB drive icon>there you can see a tab showing Readyboost. goto that tab and windows checks whether your USB drive can be used as RAM
Lowering Your Windows Display Settings
Under the Windows settings you can decide to turn off certain levels of animation, which can slow down your operating system, especially if you have limited memory and graphics processing power.
Keep Your Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Programs Updated
If your computer is effected by malware, it can greatly slow down your PC speed. Run computer security checks regularly to make sure your system isn’t impacted, and invest in programs that prevent future attacks, such as Norton and Symantec.
Defragment Your Hard Drive
Over time, installations in your hard disk might become fragmented, slowing down the speed at which certain programs and files run. Running a “defrag” program will help alleviate these problems. Running a parallel Registry cleaner will further speed up your computer.
Delete Temporary Files
Goto RUN and type %temp% and delete the files you can see in that folder without any harm

Apart from these there are some minor tweaks you can do safely so that your computer will be in top shape. You should rgularly Defrag your Windows REGISTRY also. There are many free software like Advanced SystemCare to do this.

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