Jun 23, 2009

Centre issues do's and don'ts first time for mobile users

The telecom department of the central government has issued directions regarding the do's and don'ts of mobile phone services for the users, and hasve also asked telecom service providers to create more awareness about the cell phone etiquettes.

The notice dispatched by the government to the services providers, calls for creating more awareness to users, like not having loud ringtones, not talking loudly about personal affairs in front of others and not taking pictures of people in public places.

"Mobile phone etiquette is a common courtesy. One should use the device in a responsible manner having due consideration and respect for the feelings of the individuals around," the notice said.

For the first time, the government has entered into framing rules for mobile phones, making it obligatory for the firms to create awareness among people about the proper use of phones. It also asked to create information in English as well as in the regional languages for creating directions for mobile etiquettes.

The users have also been asked to strictly abide by rules issued by schools, colleges or offices.

"Mobile phone should not be used to take photographs in public places deemed to be private, such as swimming pools and gyms, the privacy of persons must be respected. The mobile phone users should not send requests to the television operators for scrolling their private SMS on television" said the notice.
The other guidelines include keeping the phone on vibration or switched off at public places, not to be used while driving and many more.

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