Sep 16, 2009

India To Block Internet Telephony (VOIP)?

Citing security concerns related to the inability to track the origin of calls made via Internet telephony (Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP), India’s Intelligence Bureau has asked the Department of Telecom (DoT) to block VoIP services to and from the country! The Intelligence Bureau has asked the DoT to block the calls until a mechanism has been put into place to track these calls.

The issue largely appears to be with incoming calls, since outgoing calls can still be tracked, but maybe not intercepted.Is it possible for ISPs to block VoIP altogether?

Users will probably be able to use applications like Fring, Nimbuzz or even Skype Mobile via 3G or WiFi.Currently, subscribers can make calls from one computer to another computer; from a computer and a mobile phone or a fixed line phone, and from a mobile phone or a fixed line phone to any part of the world at cheaper rates.

People who are away from their home mostly depend on VOIP since it is cheaper and has lot of features than an ISD call. Banning this will make their life difficult! Govt. has to consider pros and cons before taking the decision!

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