Sep 13, 2009

Create menu bar in blogger!

There are many ways to create menu bar in blogger. You have to edit your template, add certain codes and so on . . . . . . but all these takes lot of time and trial and error method.

But i've a new trick to solve this problem.It is so simple to add menu bar to your blog using this method!!

How to do it?

1. navigate to your blogger dashboard>Layout>Add a Gadget> Text

2. Type the anchor text that you want for each link. Seperate each text with some space and vertical bar (|) button.

3. Highlight each piece of text separately, click on the "Create Link" button, and enter the URL that you wish. It should look like this

4. leave Title blank and save the gadget. You will be directed to page elements page.

5.Place the menu bar you created just below your header and save.

Thats it ! Now you have a menu bar in your blog!

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