Sep 1, 2009

Nokia Enters PC Market With Mini-Laptop

Nokia's new netbook computer, the Booklet 3G,

  • The Nokia Booklet 3G will use Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system
  • Measures just 10 inches wide and 2cm thick, and weigh 1.25kg and aluminum chassis.
  • 10-inch screen with a 1280x720 pixel resolution
  • 12 hrs of battery life

  • Capable of playing high-definition video
  • Intel Atom Z530 running at 1.6 GHz.
  • 1 GB RAM,120GB hard drive
  • It has 3G, Bluetooth, and wi-fi connectivity
  • Webcam and an SD card reader
  • Its unique selling point is an internal mobile broadband card with a SIM slot. Other netbooks rely on external USB mobile broadband modems for Internet access

Price of this notebook will be Rs. 40,000 approx excluding tax.
[Nokia used to produce computers in the 1980s but sold the business in 1991 to focus on mobile phones]

lots of cool features in the netbook!
But Nokia will face tough competition because there are many companies like HP, Dell, Sony which are already well established.

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