Sep 11, 2009

Islamic Search Engine!

A new search engine, called has been launched , which aims to protect the feelings of Muslims by filtering out content that is "haram" (forbidden by the faith).
(Halal is an Arabic term designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to islamic law)

The site will warn people if they are searching for a query that might return explicit content!
When users get a haram rating of level one or two out of three, they are advised to choose another keyword to search, but they can still continue their search if they believe the results fetched will be clean!

Words like porn and rape are considered to be at a rating of three, and are blocked. Terms like beer and pork, however, get a haram rating of one because users cannot consume them off the Internet. You can do image, news search also. There are 4 different background as of now to choose! aims to create a safe and clean environment for Muslims to search the Web, the site said.
This search engine is not based on any islamic country!!! it is based on Netherlands!

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