Aug 14, 2009

Online Armor Firewall Genuine License for FREE

Key Features:

  • Stops Hackers
  • Stops Malicious Programs
  • Protect you when Banking and Transacting Online
  • Protects your Identity

How to get it for FREE?

1. Go to
2. Click the “ADD TO CART” button for Online Armor( first one in that list whose value is 39.95$)

3. Then click the “Checkout” button at the top right of the screen.
4. Select whether you are an existing or new customer. If new then complete the registration details and click the “Register” button.
5. At the Checkout screen, enter the promo code GIZMO and click the “Apply Promo Code” button.

6. You should now see that the total has changed to $0.00. Click the Pay button.
7. Now check your email address and you should receive an email from Online Armor. Note down your License Key.
8. Download the latest version of Online Armor and install using your key


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