Aug 27, 2009 - Faceoff between bing & Google!

BingAndGoogle is the site where you can do Simultaneous Search On Google And Microsoft's Bing!
It provides the search queries in the same browser window through.For those who want to compare search results for a certain query in the two rival search engines, Bing and Google,now BingAndGoogle service provides a better alternative than having more browser tabs or windows opened.
BingAndGoogle has a simple interface with small box for typing your query,and a bing&google! button. When you hit the button, Bing and Google search engines will be queried simultaneously and the search results will be displayed in two adjacent columns.In the right column the Bing search results are displayed, while in the left side of the screen you will see Google search results.

On top of the two columns, BingAndGoogle user interface is still present, therefore, you can easily perform a new simultaneous search in the two search engines. As you might expect, the search results listings will be different: Bing will deliver fewer search results than Google.

But this behavior is normal, since Bing was just released by Microsoft and its spiders might still have to work in crawling the web to index more websites.

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