Aug 25, 2009

Motorola planning to test 4G in India !!

The Indian department of telecom might have Motorola as a villain just washing their plans away.The US based telecommunications firm "Motorola" has announced to start its trial for the 4G services!!
This could be a threat to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT)as it is still devising the pricing strategy to auction the spectrum for 3G services in India.
Motorola Inc is all set to test the 3G services which possess the capacity to offer the download speed of around 70MB per second (Mbps) on cellphones by the end of 2009.( Thats too much speed!yeah! our cable broadband doesn't even offer that much speed!) The company is already through with tests of the Long Term Evolution (LTE), the next generation technology and looks forward to move to the a new level.

DoT is counting on the 3G auction to bring in around Rs 35000 crores revenue. With Motorola’s 4G plans in line the existing operator might opt out of the spectrum bid and observe the opportunities with the next level of technology.

Bottom line is will DOT give permision for 4G. It will take many years for 3G to become common among mobile users in india! 4G might take a decade to roll out in India! Hope 4G can by-pass 3G !! that would be cool!

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