Aug 21, 2009

Norton reveals 100 most dangerous websites

Now this is something you have to look at seriously! I came across this while i was browsing.

Computer security company Norton Symantec has released a list of the 100 most dangerous websites on the internet. The top 100 dirtiest websites contain large amounts malware - malicious software designed to attack a person's computer to either obtain private information, or to control it. simply visiting one of the websites on the list would most likely result in a computer being infected with malware or other viruses.
Hackers could use these viruses to obtain information from the computer by installing "keyloggers" - software which monitors and records each keystroke made which can be used to steal your credit card or financial details!
Norton says the top 100 sites have, on average, about 18,000 threats with about 40 containing more than 20,000 threats.
About 75 websites were found to be installing malware on other machines for more than six months, with over 50 of the websites containing hard-core pornography.
But other websites do not appear to contain adult material, with some appearing to offer advice on every-day hobbies such as ice-skating, deer-hunting and even catering services.
See the complete list here
If you have suspicion on any site check it here

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