Aug 19, 2009

ISRO's Bhuvan to challenge Google Earth

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) recently launched the indian version of Google Earth named "Bhuvan" in a bid to compete challenges posed by google earth. The 3D mapping application will enable users to navigate the virtual earth in 3D space without portraying any sensitive location of the country, important from the security and military point of view.
The application uses images taken by ISRO's remote sensing satellites but it still falls short of some features.

Bhuvan supports only Windows and IE 6 and above and works only in the browser[plugin] while Google Earth works with downloadable client. It also suffers with some navigation panel problems and fails to open routinely, especially on weekends. It doesn't support editing or tagging information as of now.

Earlier, Google Inc. was also challenged by a Frenchman who developed a search engine but ultimately failed to pose any threat to the dominance of Google. France too introduced satellite mapping service tool "Geoportail" in 2006. However, it failed to be a credible alternative to existing mapping services.
we have to wait and see whether it becomes google earth killer or not!

Register and Download Bhuvan plugin

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