Aug 8, 2009

Free antivirus addon software

This a great free software which will assist your existing antivirus to counter virus attacks!
Antivirus software cannot protect you until it discovers a new threat and produces a signature to counter it. ThreatFire does not rely on signatures, but instead provides behavior-based protection. It is designed to be used alongside your existing antivirus software!
ThreatFire protects you against major security threats including viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits and even some spyware.

Its intelligently analyzes the behavior of processes and programs on a system and immediately halts any malicious action. ThreatFire is easy to use, instantly effective, consumes less RAM; most importantly it is Free!

Download here

Note: I found that ThreatFire doesn't work well wih ESET Smart Security. Eset considered ThrearFire as a threat itself when i installed it!! strange. But it might work with other antivirus!

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