Nov 9, 2009

World's first iPhone virus in the wild


The world's first iPhone virus is reported to be in the wild, targeting users who have cracked  their iPhone.
The virus, which so far appears to be confined to Australia, changes the user’s wallpaper to an image of 1980s pop star Rick Astley, and displays the message “Ikee is never gonna give you up”.

Only those users who have cracked, or jailbroken, their phones and not changed their passwords from the default – "alpine" – can be affected.

It is believed that virus was spread by Ashley Towns, 21-year-old student from New South Wales. Towns admitted to releasing the worm on his Twitter page, saying that he did so because he found that 26 out of 27 accessible iPhones he had tested were vulnerable because they had not changed their passwords.

more details @ vnunet

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