Nov 2, 2009

Google unveils new look for Orkut

The new user interface in Orkut is slick and colourful!!

To add exclusivity, the new Orkut experience is now available only by invitation.
Orkut has leveraged on its group properties to muscle the interface. For instance, users can add scrap video clips that were earlier restricted to text.

The Orkut experience also integrates video chat with Google Talk. Users can also post video testimonials, change skins and personalise the 'about me' profile with personalised 3-D avatars like Buddypoke. They have also borrowed from Twitter's 140 character limit to spruce up the status tag. Users are posed a question 'What are you upto', similar to 'What are you doing' on Twitter.

With the new user interface (UI), the user does not have to visit each page for viewing videos, or say posting gets to see all updates and respond to his friends from the homepage itself
It also allows faster uploading of photos and has features like video chat, automatic face detection and a scroll down menu for viewing all friends on the same page.

With 30 million photo uploads daily on Orkut, Google is betting big on this feature to generate traffic. It comes bundled with a host of exciting features like the photo-slider, which displays mugshots of friends. Uploading pictures in bulk is easier with the new interface.

click to see screenshots of new orkut

Note: Now i'm using this new version of orkut. visit this link to get an invite!if you're lucky you get an invite!

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