Nov 9, 2009

Know if your Nokia charger is faulty

Nokia announced on Monday that some 14 million mobile phone chargers could be dangerous for users and said it will replace them free of charge. The chargers, bearing Nokia's name and made by Chinese battery and auto part maker BYD Co., are models AC-3E and AC-3U, made between June 15 and Aug. 9 2009 and AC-4U, manufactured between April 13 and Oct. 25, 2009. They were mostly sold in Europe and North America.

Nokia said the chargers' plastic covers might work loose and expose wiring, which could cause an electric shock if touched if the charger is plugged into a socket. It said it had received no reports of injuries or accidents related to the chargers
In India, this charger exchange programme is limited to charger model AC-3E only (manufactured between June 15–August 9, 2009) for a single Nokia model, Nokia 7210.

Identifying chargers to be exchanged

  • The first is a three-step SMS solution. Every charger has a 27 digit code printed on it. Consumers are requested to key in (CHG) SPACE (the 27 digit in the serial number of the charger). Example CHG 4956279274091613752;0675370

  • Users are requested to send in this number to to 55555. Consumers will then get a reply from Nokia `via sms' that will inform them whether their charger is included in this exchange programme. This easy three-step process will take a few minutes.

  •  Starting November 10, 2009, consumers can also walk into any Nokia Care Center or any Nokia Priority Dealership store (NPDs) across the country and check if their chargers are a part of this exchange programme.

  • Consumers can also log into to and fill in their charger details and verify if the charger is part of the exchange program.

Exchanging identified chargers

  • Visit the nearest Nokia Care Centre: Replacement chargers are available at the 700+ exclusive Nokia Care Centers only across the country starting November 10, 2009.For more information on Nokia Care Centers, consumers can call 30303838 with the Local STD code of the city that he/ she is dialing from.
  • Consumers can also fill in their address and contact details online on Replacement chargers would then be couriered to the consumers.

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