Nov 8, 2009

SixthSense - a new technology!

Using a palm for dialing a phone number.
Using a palm for dialing a phone number.
courtesy: NYtimes

After looking at this picture you might be thinking how can one dial using a palm as a keyboard!!

Pranav  Mistry, a 28-year-old research assistant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, demonstrated  a new interface at the TEDIndia conference taking place this week in Mysore, India.
What is the interface all about? According to his view, many Indians had bought their first mobile phones prior to they had their first experiences with computers. He is confident that the majority of them might also bounce keyboards and mice and go straight to more intuitive and interactive interfaces.

 Pranav Mistry, speaking at the TEDIndia conference.
He calls the new interface as SixthSense, and it uses a camera and projector brought together in a pendant that is worn around the neck.
His prototype, and the software that powers it, works with smartphones and turns walls, sheets of paper and other surfaces into screens for, say, browsing the Web. The camera translates gestures into commands — for example, you can hold up both your hands to frame a scene and flick your thumb to take a picture. Aim the device at an airplane boarding pass and the projector flashes the status of your upcoming flight.

In his demo, he attached a microphone to the paper and was able to use it as a touch interface, play 3D games, watch movies, and seamlessly transition work between a PC and his interface.

Now you must be thinking this is too expensive!
Not really!!

Mistry said the device can be made for just $350, using off-the-shelf components and his source code, which he intends to make available on an open-source model.
He said corporates like LG Group and the Samsung Group, have expressed interest. It’s unclear, however, when a marketable device will be ready.

Watch the demo of 6th sense here!

really interesting concept!! kudos to him for doing something new!!

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