Nov 18, 2009

World's cheapest laptop

World's cheapest laptop has been launched by China's Menq. Using an ARM-based processor manufactured by Samsung, it sells for $80. Menq calls it EasyPC. The EasyPC runs Windows CE but it is claimed that it can also run Google's Android.

  • 400Mhz ARM9 processor
  • Screen-size is 7 inches
  • Supports Wi-Fi, Ethernet Lan
  • 2 USB ports.
  • 128Mbytes of RAM  
  • Pixel resolution: 480 x 234
  • 2GB SSD storage 
  • 2,000mAh battery. 
  • SD card slot capable of adding 32GB of flash storage
    Certainly it has all basic features of a laptop! So you can call it like that!! Processor speed isn't impressive though but looking at the cost it is very much okay.
    If it launches in India surely its going to be hit because even a simple mobile phone with GPRS has about 80$!!

    Meanwhile the initial launch of Google's Chrome OS for netbooks is said to be a week or two away.

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