Dec 5, 2009

YouTube Feather
Youtube has introduced its lighter version called 'feather', which can slim down the online videos to deliver them to the places where the Internet connection is slow.
Feather helps in speedy access to the videos by limiting features available to viewers and reducing the amount of data downloaded by computer browsers.

According to YouTube, the 'feather' pages have default video player of standard quality, comments has been reduced to 10, sharing and embedding options has been removed. Moreover video replies, search bar auto-suggest, and the number of related videos has also been removed. But there is no change in advertisements displayed.
This feature will help in the faster download of the Youtube pages on the computers having low processing power and in the areas with very slow net connection

i feel loading is fast. try it if you've a slow net connection. You will see the difference!

link: youtube feather

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