Dec 6, 2009

Data storage online for free

There are many sites which offer to store your data online. They have different plans but i'm going to mention only the free storage option. You can these services to back up your important data or to store files.

  • ADrive-

Basic Account holders get 50 GB of free storage, which is accessible through the web interface. Additional storage and services like multiple connections, FTP with timestamp support, WebDAV, and file history recovery are available through paid subscription plans

  • SkyDrive-  From Microsoft

      SkyDrive is a file storage and sharing service that allows users to upload files, then access them from a web browser. It uses Windows Live ID to control access to the user's files, allowing them to keep the files private, share with contacts, or make the files public. Publicly-shared files do not require a Windows Live ID to access.
      The service currently offers 25 GB of free personal storage, with individual files limited to 50 MB Optionally, an ActiveX-based tool can be installed to allow drag-and-drop uploading from Windows Explorer. Up to five files can be uploaded each time if the tool has not been installed. The third party free software "SkyDrive Explorer" can enable SkyDrive as an additional drive in windows systems.

      • i-Drive 
      The free Basic version allots up to 2GB of storage, and gives you 10GB extra storage just for referring it to five e-mail contacts. So you will get 12GB of storage space

      The three sites so far I've mentioned gives you whopping 87GB storage space for FREE!!

      There are many sites which gives you little more storage space. Some of them are

      If you sign-up to all these services you will get 100GB free storage!

      online storage is recommended for those who have unlimited plan and a highspeed internet connection.

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