Oct 10, 2009

Download books from Google Books

Google Book Search is the best place to get the thousands of books. The books available there are of two types. One is those which are free to download which means they are not copyright protected. Other are only for preview. The copy right protected books can not be downloaded. But you can read some part of that book as preview.

Google Book Downloader Screenshot

Google Book Downloader 0.1.0 can only download books which are marked as full view. If you try to download copy write book then it not download all pages of book. 

  • Download any book from Google Books marked as 'Full view'
  • Partially download any book from Google Books marked as 'Limited preview'
  • Access to any book available only for US citizens (instructions)
  • Searching for hidden pages (not indexed by Google Books)
Download Google Book Downloader(2.4 MB)

You will need Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 SP1 install to run this software.

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