Oct 4, 2009

Disable unwanted start-ups

Startup programs are programs that are automatically started by Windows when the operating system starts. The problem is that many programs, viruses, hijackers, spyware, and other malware set themselves to start automatically when Windows starts. As more and more programs are started automatically, your computer's valuable resources are drained, causing your computer to operate and boot slowly.

There is a site which has huge database of start-ups and will inform you whether a particular start-up is important or not! Click here to visit the site.

This database will allow you to search for programs that you find starting automatically on your computer and determine if they are considered to be malware (harmful), optional, unnecessary, or necessary to run. To examine your computer for programs that are automatically started by windows, type msconfig  in Run / search box in vista and hit enter.New window will open and Click the tab wih the name start-up.
You can then search for entries found under start-up using this database to determine if the program should be running. If from the information you decide they are not necessary to run, you can uncheck that entry and it will no longer start.
Keep only important start-up so that your PC runs and boots quickly!


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