Jan 20, 2010

IPL live on YouTube!

The Indian Premier League has announced a broadcast deal of two years with YouTube which makes IPL T20 cricket the first sporting event to broadcast live on the internet in every country on a dedicated YouTube channel!
You can watch live feed on YouTube at this exclusive link - for FREE!
Users will also be offered On-Demand streaming if they are unable to watch it live. Along with this there will be social media interactivity options like chat room and contests. Revenue from advertising and sponsorship will be shared by Google and the IPL.

There will be delay of five minutes between TV broadcast and live streaming on YouTube in India. Live streaming is not available in the United States as willow tv holds the rights in U.S.

Viewers will be able to choose their own camera positions unlike on TV where the broadcaster decides which angle the viewer can watch.
For example if you fancy watching from the stump cam or from behind the bowlers arm then you can do it so because 20 different feeds will be available!

For more info click here

Of course this is useful for those who have unlimited and high speed internet plans!

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