Apr 1, 2010

Free eScan Antivirus


  • New User Friendly GUI:
    Novice or expert users! Both can navigate the New Graphical-User-Interface with ease. A Single-screen-access to both, the Virus-Monitor & On Demand Scanner.
  • Pro-Active Protection:
    eScan-10 Scans, detects, Monitors & warns about changes in registry. It also warns about the applications suspicious in nature.
  • Inbuilt Firewall:
    Advanced Firewall saves system from all network-based attacks.
    Monitors & logs incoming/outgoing network activities in the system.
  • Faster on demand scanning:
    Faster scans & lighter on system resources: New "On Demand Scanner" with Cache Technology. Also scans USB drives, Spyware & Adware.
  • Real-Time AntiVirus, Email Scanning:
    Scans files, applications, e-mails and attachments including SMTP and POP3 traffic in Real-Time for Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Rootkits & all other kinds of security threats using the unique MWL Technology and advanced AntiVirus Heuristic Algorithms.
  • Updates:
    Automatic hourly Program as well as Definitions Updates protect against any latest threats.
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Download escan

i think they give the same key: BJCS-DLEK-CQZH-DWDK-CKIK-ANCB-PDPF-PG

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