Jul 9, 2009

About browsers

There are many opinions about, which is the best browser. Well i'm not going to copy 'em here. I just try to say which is the best browser according to me.
I've so far used the popular browsers like Firefox,IE7,IE8,Opera, Safari,Google Chrome. Their total usage share is approx 99%.
see here for more detail

First of all i'm going to tell my opinions about Internet Explorer(IE). Majority of people use this browser because its the only browser shipped with windows (since microsoft owns it). It doesn't deserve to be at the top according to me. Its not very fast, vulnerable to hacks and virus attacks.
Many People just don't know about other browsers so they continue using it!
But the new version IE8 is quite speed but still is not up to the mark.

Firefox is the best among all browser, its safe, fast and easy to use doesn't crash often has many features.It is grabbing IE's market share. I guess one day it overtakes IE. Personally i'm using this and i'm very happy with it!

Google chrome is the new entry to browser market. It is fast but only while browsing google sites like orkut,gmail. Not many features in it. Simple browser!

Opera is actually the complete browser. One can browse both websites and wap sites! the feature which other browsers lack. But not many people know about it. The new version Opera10 is lighting fast! It is highly recommended for those who have slow internet connections. It has lot of features too!

Safari claims to be the fastest browser. Developed by Apple Inc it is quite good. But it uses bit more memory and the size is high compared to other browsers. it has nice interface and cool features!

To conclude i rank firefox as the best and then the Opera!

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